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Chainsaw Man Collection Pochita Happy Tooz Vinyl Figure #0

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Chainsaw Man Collection Pochita Happy Tooz Vinyl Figure #0

"I've always... loved listening to you talk about your dreams."

Pochita has helped fight through an army of devils to arrive at Youtooz with his Vinyl debut! At just over 2 1/2-inches tall, his perfect orange body sits on folded hind legs with a black pull cord tail sticking outwards that matches the sturdy handle at his top. Propped up by two outstretched front paws and with a long grey chainsaw extending from his face, he stares up at you happily with two huge white eyes that are filled to the brim with joy! Perfect for displaying your emotions, this cutie is ideal to help make your dreams come true, whatever they may be!

Chainsaw Man, the anime based off Tatsuki Fujimoto’s second serialized Manga for Weekly Shonen Jump, follows Denji, the Chainsaw Man as he navigates the world of Devils and attempts to follow his dream. With each character and situation wilder and weirder than the next, nothing will prepare you for the twists, turns, heartache and joy that this series brings while being one of the most anticipated shows all year! Ages 15 and up.