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From Funko. Your favorite Friends Pops! have been shrunk into Bitty Pops! Expand your collection with this assortment of Bitty Pop! figures featuring your most beloved sitcom characters as miniaturized figures! The Rachel 4-pack includes Bitty Pop! Rachel Green (80's Hair), Bitty Pop! Chandler Bing (80's Hair), and Bitty Pop! Ross Geller (80's Hair); the Joey 4-pack includes Bitty Pop! Joey Tribbiani, Bitty Pop! Ross Geller, and Bitty Pop! Rachel Green; the Monica 4-pack includes Bitty Pop! Monica Geller (Halloween Costume), Bitty Pop! Ross Geller (Halloween Costume), and Bitty Pop! Chandler Bing (Halloween Costume); and the Phoebe 4-Pack includes Bitty Pop! Phoebe Buffay, Bitty Pop! Monica Geller, and Bitty Pop! Chandler Bing. Plus, each 4-pack comes with a mystery fourth figure; possible mystery Bitty Pops! are Hyper Rare (1/6) Joey Tribbiani (Cowboy), Hyper Rare (1/6) Phoebe Buffay (Music Video), Rare (1/3) Phoebe Buffay (Halloween Costume), and Rare (1/3) Joey Tribbiani (in Chandler's clothes). Bitty Pops! are packaged in hard acrylic cases with detachable bottom lids. Detachable bottom lids double as acrylic bases, to which the Bitty Pop! figures are adhered. Acrylic display cases are stackable and hold four Bitty Pop! figures each. Vinyl figures are approximately 7/8" tall. Four figures per single package purchase.